Knowhowsoccer Camp is designed to cover
all aspects of the game.

It develops players as individuals within 1V1 situations, as well as a team, both in defensive and attacking situations.

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Team must stay united

Team must stay united

In some games, everything goes smoothly and your play has a flow, movements that you practiced in training make miracles, motivation is high and atmosphere is positive. On the other hand, there is a game where the opponent moves the ball fast and makes you shift from side to side, tiring you out so you cannot find space and angles where to send the ball, you are fighting motivation and tent to argue with everyone. In both situations, team must stay united, lines tight, discipline on a maximum level, head cool and thinking positive; trying to overcome situation, and get it back, or keeping it under control. If every player in a team knows his duties in his position and within the team, understand specific tasks in attacking and defending, bringing his talent forward, he will benefit for his team and there will be greater chances for success. This was the main topic we tried to cover, and we can say it was well done.

When you work hard and do your duties in order and on time, you can relax. We tent to relax organizing play station tournament. It turned to be real stadium atmosphere in our game room as there are some pro players among the group. It was fun and joy for all the players in their way to the next stage.

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