Knowhowsoccer Camp is designed to cover
all aspects of the game.

It develops players as individuals within 1V1 situations, as well as a team, both in defensive and attacking situations.

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Number one goal – stay healthy!

Number one goal – stay healthy!

Sharing experience is a learning process. Somebody will say it is the best way, specially in modern time. Knowhowsoccer in it’s main concept is promoting the values of knowledge and understanding how to solve problems.

Therefore, we had a privilege to host French born professional soccer manager and a person with high experience in soccer Mr Mikael KI. All players, together with the coaching stuff, followed the most interesting and motivational presentation and speech about the mental importance in training and how to be able to improve your potentials to the maximum level. Mr Mikael spoke about the main factors that every athlete has to improve physically, such as speed, strength and power and applying methods that he presented in his unique training program.

Morning session was prepared to continue weekly topic about the finishing and how to create opportunities to shoot at the goal to score. As session progressed, players showed great improvement in reaching the aim. With their training attitude, this morning they made a session completely successful, giving the coaches little chance to correct them rather to develop new options and situations. During training, we received praise from Mr Mikael on achieving the goal  what gave us the boost and recognition for our effort and hard work.

According to our plans, the camp is moving to the direction we wish it to be. The trade mark we stream to is the quality in training program, educational information and the value added from the experienced people willing to share their knowledge.

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