Knowhowsoccer Camp is designed to cover
all aspects of the game.

It develops players as individuals within 1V1 situations, as well as a team, both in defensive and attacking situations.

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Knowhowsoccer Summer Camp Vol.4

Knowhowsoccer Summer Camp Vol.4

The long-awaited day has come. We have started the summer camp, the 4th edition packed with football training, learning and fun. A large number of kids were excited to experience the program and the atmosphere – the two main factors for spending quality time. Many players returned to continue where they had stopped last summer, but we also had many new faces with a high motivation to join.

The focus of the week is – dribbling.

After grouping the players, the coaches took the charge and the sessions could start with different faints and moves as we mastered various skills in order to increase confidence. We moved to 1v1 situation against the opponent to create the real game situation. To make it more specific, we placed players in actual area on the pitch where the action is happening in the game.

The real-game-situation-training is the main KHS method that players like and are always motivated to participate. They transfer so quickly when it comes to the game.

We are very happy with the start and looking forward to the next session and meeting with some new players.

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