Knowhowsoccer Camp is designed to cover
all aspects of the game.

It develops players as individuals within 1V1 situations, as well as a team, both in defensive and attacking situations.

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If you don’t shoot, you cannot score!

If you don’t shoot, you cannot score!

This fact will guide us throughout the week while we’ll be working on improving finishing skills. Therefore the whole training session is prepared to cover polishing shooting technique progressing to more difficult scoring opportunities that occur during the matches. The more you are prepared for every possible situation, the more chance to succeed. This is the motto from our players what motivates them to be dedicated and work hard. Objectives for today were shooting after dribbling the ball, shooting after receiving the pass, shooting with power and shooting accurate. After several repetition and detailed practice, we progressed to the game where players were encouraged to make best selection of skill to be able to attack the goal.

How to do it in a best possible way and how the pros do it, we were analyzing through the presentation that is showing some of the top players of the past and today’s at their best moments. Somebody has power, the other has technique, quickness or heading skill; one they have in common, it is the desire to score.

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