Knowhowsoccer Camp is designed to cover
all aspects of the game.

It develops players as individuals within 1V1 situations, as well as a team, both in defensive and attacking situations.

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Team play requires each other’s support

Team play requires each other’s support

Team play does not apply only in attack as it is the first thing that crosses our mind. Mostly, it requires each other’s support in defence. When we train team play, it is important to involve all players in a team. Everyone is important link and his contribution is valuable. When a player decides to start the action, it is a trigger for others to support him.

Therefore, training must be designed to create situations related to these facts. If the player’s reaction is late, it disbalances the whole team and the good opponent will hit right there. Today, our aim was to initiate situations where players will react quickly in a transition phase. It is not an easy topic, but, at the same time, a very interesting one as the whole session is made throughout a small sided games. Making mistakes is the way of learning and getting precious experience for the future.

We like to create different competitions as we believe they encourage motivation. We had a very special speed shot challenge which brought us lots of fun and surprises. Some expectations were high and some improved without realising it, which could be seen on the final score sheet.

Well done to everybody for their effort and positive approach.

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